Welcome to Shinoak Software

Shinoak Software develops and distributes software for slope stability computations in geotechnical engineering. The software has been developed over the last 30 years for use in research and consulting work.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on our software for both our current and potential new users. The site was originally opened in July 1996 and has been updated since then. We are currently revising this web site extensively and during the first part of 2003 hope to make significant and periodic changes.  We welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.


Shinoak Software first started distributing the UTEXAS3 and GRAPHIC3 software for slope stability analyses in September 1991 and continues to distribute this software.  We have also began to distribute the UTEXAS4 and TexGraf4 software, which are the successors to UTEXAS3 and GRAPHIC3.  UTEXAS4 and TexGraf4 are Windows based (UTEXAS3 and GRAPHIC3 are DOS-based) and contain numerous new features.  However, UTEXAS3 and GRAPHIC3 are still robust and useful programs that we will continue to distribute to interested parties.

This site currently provides information on the following:

UTEXAS3 features

GRAPHIC3 features

UTEXAS4 and TexGraf4

UTEXAS4 Educational Software

Who we are and our philosophy

For pricing and ordering information, please contact us at sales@shinoak.com

We plan to offer technical support; answers to frequently asked questions, sample problems and other support information at this site in the future. We would like to hear from you about any specific features you would like to see offered.

Contact us at sales@shinoak.com

Last updated 30 December 2002