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Shinoak software exists for the sole purpose of developing and distributing software for slope stability calculations.  Our primary motivation has been to develop software that is useful for performing slope stability computations for research and challenging consulting opportunities.  As a result of having developed such software for these purposes we felt that it would be a service to the geotechnical engineering profession to make the software available to others and in turn receive feedback and a modest amount of funds to support further research and development.

To our knowledge the UTEXAS3/GRAPHIC3 and now UTEXAS4/TexGraf4 software is the most comprehensive software of its kind that has been written exclusively by a geotechnical engineer.  Our interest is in analyses of actual geotechnical engineering problems and the software is in response to those interests.  Accordingly we have placed our emphasis on the computational aspects of slope stability analyses.  With limited time and resources we have not focused as much of our attention an elegant software for entering data, rather we have focused on the computations and the ability to view results of those computations in both text and graphics forms.  Our software is not necessarily the easiest to use, but we believe it is some of the most robust and reliable software that exists for complex slope stability computations.

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Last updated 30 December 2002