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GRAPHIC3 Features

GRAPHIC3 is the companion program for the UTEXAS3 slope stability software. GRAPHIC3 provides a screen display of both input data and solution information. It can also export HPGL and DXF graphics files.

GRAPHIC3 can display the slope, soil profile, piezometric line and reinforcement geometry, distributed surface pressures and line loads (vectors), and information on the solution, including the critical sliding surface, the slice boundaries, total normal stresses, effective normal stresses and pore water pressures along the shear surface, and the line of thrust.

We have found that for most applications screen graphics are useful for checking of input data and judging the validity of computations. However, CAD software is often required to generate final figures and drawings suitable for reports. Our DXF files facilitate this.

The DXF files generated by GRAPHIC3 can be directly imported into many CAD programs (e. g. AutoCad, Microstation, etc.) which accept the DXF file format. Suitable supplemental information such as company logos, job information and notes can then be added in the CAD software. Suitable CAD software can now be purchased for as little as $100 (US). We feel that our approach of providing a DXF file for you to use in your CAD software is superior to us trying to emulate CAD software. This allows us to focus on what we feel is our strength of providing robust, full-featured software for slope stability calculations.

GRAPHIC3 permits extensive "configuration" information to be set in a special "Graphics Information File". This allows you to control what information is placed in the DXF file, including the specific "layers" into which various information (slope geometry, piezometric lines, etc.) are placed. By placing different information into different layers, the CAD software can then be used to selectively display information and create different drawings and figures from the same basic set of data.

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Last updated 30 December 2002